Founder, Cherise Carter's testimony is what motivates French Diamond.

At a very young age I played with barbies and bratz dolls playing dress up with the variety of outfits in the box. After I cumulated about 5 or more dolls I use to change their outfits and alternate the clothing from each one. At about 9 or 10 years old I developed an interest in sketching cartoons and cars. Then it became anything that I saw I attempted to draw it.

When I was in middle school and it was time to go school shopping I enjoyed picking out the clothes that I referred to as “comfortable, laid back but it matches” clothing. Matching was such a huge ordeal for me ever since I developed my own taste in style.

I’ve grown up from the age of six playing basketball. My dad bought me my first ball which was a Michael Jordan basketball it was of MJs head shape. Since being an athlete was part of my up bringing I loved all athletic apparel. When I reached high school I started attending parties and middle school dances that were on Friday’s. Therefore, I started to purchase a new outfit for each party I attended and intentionally wanted to be unique. I still drew as it was therapeutic and fun to me. However, the thought of being a fashion designer entered my heart so I started to draw clothing as well as the other artwork. After a while, I did not like my drawing of clothing so I stopped but continued with drawing other things.

My senior year of High School, my nephew who was a freshman at the time, started selling candy to his classmates to generate income. While he was selling candy he also said “I might just start selling T-shirts” there, a lightbulb went off in my head like never before. I told him how it was a great idea, shortly after he decided that wasn’t his field but I stuck with the idea in heart & mind.

In 2013 I officially received the name French Diamond. I say received because a friend of mine put as her header on Twitter “French Dvmondz” clearly spelled differently and pluralized. I asked her if I could have the name which she said yes, & I changed the spelling. It was “French Diamond” ever since.

Jump forward to Saturday December 24, 2016 when I accepted Jesus of my own will as my personal Lord & Savior my life changed and was never the same. He began to show me my true identity that everything that I am is in Him He said: you are Chosen by God, born again , a new creation, more than a conqueror, the light of the world, you are redeemed, made in My image, you are valuable, you are righteous, you may be thinking how am I righteous of all people how am I?

I’m not perfect I don’t act righteous I don’t feel righteous but how many of us know it’s not what we do that makes us righteous it’s what Jesus did for us that makes us righteous, righteous is not perfection its accepting Jesus who is perfect as Lord & Savior.

The moment you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior righteousness is deposited in your spiritual bank account immediately as the Scripture says “Abraham believed God and it was accounted it to him for righteousness” you believe God and it was accounted it to you for righteousness because He who knew no sin Became sin so that we may become the righteousness of God in Christ. I learned that God will not change His mind concerning you. He said “For I am the Lord I do not change”!

The scripture I keep near and dear to my heart is Jeremiah 29:11 that led me to where I am today I pursued Gods plan for my life because I didn’t know He had a plan for me before the foundation of the world. I wanted to know His plan an the future He had for me, so I pursued HIM, often times we hear so much God has a plan for us God has a plan but we aren’t given the tools to help us and guide us in the right direction. Well it’s simple.. 1 on 1 time with JESUS. Pursue HIM in the secret place. 

He loves you and I love you too, YOU are worth being loved

when you know that God loves you anybody who mistreats you, dislikes you or has taken advantage of the kindness of your heart, you will approach it in a better way because you are loved by Almighty God!! Then you can be able to look upon others knowing they are loved by God which empowers you to love them, & know Jesus died for them also.

I’ve been going to church my whole life. My aunt who I love her faithfulness to Christ, has been my Godly influence. I love her submission to Gods Word, our relationship has always been like glue. It was her taking my cousin and I to church, having us stand during worship, praying with us and read Bible stories to us are the moments I cherish dearly. She would talk to me about Jesus and tell me what Gods word says about life choices without directly saying you’re wrong or you’re in sin, she had scripture everywhere in her house an always had a Christian station on her tv.

I was the type of person that since I was younger I always consider myself a Christian by title because I prayed over my food, I go to church sometimes, I even knew Jesus died for my sins and guess what? I still would have heard depart from me I never knew you! Why? Simply, because doing those things is not what makes me a Christian I’m a Christian because I have a relationship with Christ if somebody asks you what makes you a Christian tell them you have a relationship with Christ if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. It’s not about all your good deeds or how many times you go to church or because you wear a Jesus T-shirt (although that’s great). It’s about glorifying JESUS, fully surrendering your will, your agenda, & living your life for HIM as a new creation. Old things have passed away and behold all things become new. I looked at being a Christian as a religion and not as a personal relationship. The fact that I didn’t know that, my identity was warped because I took other people‘s opinion, remarks and comments in my heart so it began to shape me.

But greater love has no one than this then to lay down one’s life for His friends

And the love of God dwells in you so share it. Remember how I said you are valuable.. what is value? Value is determined by the price someone is willing to pay and heaven paid a high price by giving Jesus , you are worth the blood of Christ. Jesus die because He saw a people worth dying for in obedience to the Father. His redemptive work on the cross displayed the greatest love, greatest sacrifice and ultimate payment for the sin of the world. Don’t let nobody tell you different, you are more precious than gold. When you look at the cross see His love , know your identity is in Him and see your value. French Diamond is about those 3 major areas in our life. It’s beautiful thing to repent of your sin and turn to Christ Jesus our Lord.

It’s more than just a clothing brand but it’s a community. For anyone who loves to walk, run, and/or enjoy exercises or has a unique style, French Diamond welcomes you with open arms. You feel good when you love the skin your in. - French Diamond